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  ENGL048 - College Reading/Study Skillsii
  Mode of Delivery:  Partially Online
  (Partially Online = Has at least one class meeting on campus)

Aileen Gum

San Diego City College
1313 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101


Orientation: Please bring a picture ID, your books (don't open until you get there in case you need to return them& keep your receipts!), paperback dictionary, paper and pens.


 IMPORTANTThis class requires 3-5 on-campus sessions. For those with "C" or higher at midsemester, the last 2 sessions are optional for extra credit.


 Mandatory On-Campus Class Sessions: Fridays, 12:30-2:30, AH206: 8/25, 9/22, 10/13, 11/17, 12/16

*Last 2 sessions optional for those with “C” or higher at mid-semester (10/23). Please email me asap at so I can send you any updates. 


NOTE: If the course is full, get on the official waiting list on Reg-E. It will automatically add people in as space opens up before the start of the semester. At the Orientations, I will add people in order of the official waiting list first, then by lottery of the people who meet the prerequisites.


Attendance: Weekly assignments

Aileen Gum

Textbook and Course Material Requirements

For our main textbook, you have a choice to buy or rent one of the following options:


1. Main Text + Exercises:

a) Paper text+ Aplia:  Reading for Results, Loose-leaf Version, 13th + Aplia™, 1 term Printed Access Card 9781337131278 OR


b) E-book + Aplia: Aplia 1 term Printed Access Card for Flemming's Reading for Results, 13e, E-pack Bundle(e-book with Aplia code) ISBN 978133712473-7 OR

c) (Option if you already own the 13e of our textbook), Aplia code only, ISBN 978-1-305-85796-4


2. Strayed, Cheryl. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Knopf-Random House, 2012. (any version is ok -- it is available in paperback & public libraries)

Paperback ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0-85789-775-6, ISBN: 0-85789-775-6


3. American Heritage Dictionary (You can use any college level paperback dictionary);

ISBN: 9780440237013


4. Other required supplies: Working email address, a back-up for access if your Internet connection goes down or your computer doesn't work, a headphone-microphone set that works for chat, a dictionary (a college edition), a back-up memory drive/card for your files, 3-ring binder with dividers, a portable stapler, and a highlighter


Recommendations: Be comfortable with MS Word and computer skills -- cut/paste, uploading/downloading files, attachments, viewing PowerPoint slideshows, and typing. If you don't have these skills, you may want to take a Keyboarding or Intro to MS Word class with Continuing Education or from the CBTE department.

See District Online Schedule for official list of required and optional textbooks and materials for this class.
Purchase Textbooks Online at the SDCCD Online Bookstore

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware and Software:
To successfully complete this online course, you will be required to meet the minimum hardware and software requirements. View Hardware and Software Requirements.

Internet Browser:
You must use a supported Internet browser in order to successfully work in Blackboard, the online course management system for this course. To see a list of supported Internet browsers, click here.

Course Description

Catalog Description: 

This course is designed for students who need stronger reading skills to complete a college program. The course stresses academic reading and study skills such as textbook reading strategies, listening and note taking, outlining, and studying for examinations, and memory and concentration. This course builds on reading comprehension and vocabulary skills developed in English 42. Three units of English credit at this level may be applied to the associate degree. It is recommended that students take the English placement test prior to enrollment. This course may be repeated with different content. (FT)
Prerequisite: Qualifying score on the English Placement Test [R4] or successful completion of ESOL 40 or English 42 (formerly 55), with a grade of C or better.
Students with disabilities or special needs who may need special arrangements should discuss options with me during the first two weeks of class and register with Disabled Students Services located in A-115 on campus. You must do this separately for each campus (Miramar, Mesa, and City). They do not share files.
Course Objectives
Student Learning Outcomes:
A student who successfully completes this course will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the ability to read and comprehend college-level materials from a variety of disciplines.
2. Analyze and evaluate college-level materials, using basic critical thinking skills.
3. Develop and demonstrate a variety of college-level study skills, such as note-taking, outlining, mapping, and summarizing.
4. Distinguish between different organizational patterns, style, and purposes for reading.
5. Apply context clues for learning new vocabulary.
6. Evaluate Internet sources in order to develop research skills.
7. Write an annotated bibliography using four different sources.
Application and Registration Information


  1. Complete Online Application (for new SDCCD students). Go to Student Web Services
  2. Receive registration appointment and instructions by email or mail.
  3. Register online at the Reg-e, our online registration system.
  4. Make sure that you pay your tuition so that you don't lose your registration!   Fees and Tuition Information.
  5. Order textbooks online. Visit our online bookstore.
  6. After completion of registration on Reg-e, and several days prior to the start of the semester, you will receive an email with course login instructions. If you don't receive an email please go to and login on the first day of class as follows:

    Type your Blackboard Username = 7-digit College Student Identification (CSID) number
    Type your Password =  mmddyyyy (your birthdate with no hyphens, slashes, or spaces)

    For example:  1010101 (CSID number used at registration)
                           06231980 (password for the birthdate June 23, 1980 )
  7. If this course is closed, please login to Reg-e to be placed on a waitlist. If the waitlist is full, you will not be able to add your name to the waitlist.

You will not be able to login to your online course until the first day of the semester!!!
You must login to your online course on the first day of the session to avoid your enrollment being dropped.
Follow the login instructions at

Additional Information

  Please click here to download, print, and read through the syllabus for our course.

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