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Important Information Before Requesting an Oncampus Web-Enhanced Course Blackboard Shell


Before you submit your course request form, please be aware of the following:

  • This form is for oncampus instructors who want to use Blackboard to web-enhance their course. Course shells for online courses are created automatically, so a form is not required.
  • All courses are delivered on Blackboard Learn 9.1.
  • The shell that is created for you will be a live shell for the new semester. For example: Fall 2013 CHEM 100 CRN 12345
  • The shell that gets created for you will be based on a template, and it will not be cloned from a previous course or contain your content. To copy course materials from one shell to another, please follow these step-by-step Course Copy instructions.
  • For additonal Blackboard tutorials, please visit: http://www.sdccdonline.net/faculty/blackboard/
  • For training and support, please visit: http://www.sdccdonline.net/faculty/training


    • All course content must be accessible to students with disabilities. Captioning is required for all videos.
    • Video files may not be uploaded to your Blackboard shell. Contact support@sdccdonline.net for assistance with loading videos onto an alternate server.
    • Please consult with Online Learning Pathways (support@sdccdonline.net) before adding publisher's content.

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Upon fulfillment of this request, you will receive an email with instructions from SDCCD Online Learning Pathways. If you have any questions, email support@sdccdonline.net